(Eng) QUEST "10/18" update change list, How to use E-Mail notifications

1. Additions

  1. Added E-Mail notifications. Following events will be notified via E-Mail in addition of built-in notification.

    • When following user has started a quest
    • When received a ReQUEST
    • When boosted quest has started voting
    • When boosted quest has required final decision (When chosen Type.C as boost strategy)
    • When performing quest is reaching its deadline (1 day left)

Also, you need E-Mail verifications before activate these notifications.

2. Changes

Nothing special.

3. Bug fix

Nothing special.

4. How to activate E-Mail notifications

  1. Verify E-Mail address on "Settings" -> "Notifications" (Or "Authentication")

    The platform will send verification mail when clicking "Send E-Mail verification" button. Open a verification URL on the E-Mail body to verify your own address.

    If you didn't find that E-Mail, please check spam or trash folder too.

  1. Choose events you want to receive on "Settings" -> "Notification", then press "Save" button.

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