(Eng) QUEST on Testnet "8/8" update change list

1. Additions

  1. Added node URL settings. It can be used with https URL only. QUEST on Testnet will only accept Testnet URL. We don't guarantee normal behavior of the custom node URL.
  2. Added notification for pressing perform button to unperformed quest.
  3. Added guidance of selecting platform fee to Symbol account linker in the signup flow.
  4. Added single digit of decimal to voting status.

2. Changes

  1. Changed max tag length to 15 characters long.
  2. Changed that external link will open new tab.
  3. Changed notification bell's active color.
  4. Changed that when ticked milestone checkbox, disabled other buttons (e.g. Complete button) during server process.
  5. Changed avatar icon on user profile that same icon isn't lined up on recently quests and recently boosts.
  6. Adjusted that quest names and usernames that too long don't disrupt page layout.
  7. Various UI small tweaks.

3. Bug fix

  1. Fixed lack of English language data.
  2. Fixed pie chart that labels are overlapping sometime.
  3. Fixed that quest progress overflew to under the 0% or above the 100%.
  4. Fixed quest text fadeout that mobile browser didn't render properly.
  5. Fixed that "Explore more" link of Recently boosts on User profile page didn't work.

The schedule of launch on Mainnet is August 16th (Mon) and still remains unchanged.

QUEST on Testnet