(Eng) QUEST "8/23" update change list

1. Additions

  1. Added abilities to update title, category and tags after started performing of the quest.
  2. Added "Life" category.
  3. Added abilities to close "waiting confirmation...". It'll be used when tx announcement was failed.
  4. Added various links.

2. Changes

  1. Extended maximum quest duration to 30 days.
  2. Hide message field from boost list when message is empty.
  3. Various text changes.

3. Bug fix

  1. Fixed the payment button that hadn't been disabled immediately after pressing.
  2. Fixed voting end date display that shows wrong date after voting end.
  3. Fixed the broken multiline milestone rendering.
  4. Fixed the secret lock duration properly.
  5. Fixed boost button that wasn't disabled when the user has an unpaid boost invoice.
  6. Fixed browser wallet couldn't be activated when the user has an unpaid boost invoice. (However, changing account is still disallowed)

Wee got 189 accounts registration, 121 quests, 331 boosts after mainnet launch. Thank you for so many uses. Thank everyone in the community for their interest.

We'd like to continue to improve the platform.

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