(Eng) QUEST "9/06" update change list, ReQUEST has been launched finally!

1. Additions

  1. Launched "ReQUEST"

    Requester can use "ReQUEST" button on user profile page.
    Performer can inspect received ReQUEST from dashboard. Notification area also displays incoming ReQUESTs.
    Will describe how to use below article.

  2. Added ReQUEST list to dashboard.

2. Changes

  1. Display quest summary on boost form.
  2. Changed top page's "following" sort order to "last status updated at"
  3. Trimming milestone's white spaces of both side.

3. Bug fix

  1. Fixed unexpected confirm dialog was shown when re-announce transaction on browser wallet/one-time wallet.

4. How to use ReQUEST

4.1. ReQUEST specification

※As of 9/6 release

Creation feeIn duration from creation to deadline, 1.1 XYM per day. Rounded up above 12 hours to 1 day.
Initial boostRequired
Maximum duration60 days
Editing ReQUESTRequester can edit content except deadline until performed.
Editing title/category/tagsRequester can edit until performed. Performer can edit any time.
Posting URL Links and comment from performerRequester can't. Performer can post any time after received ReQUEST.
Pre performance boostRequester and other viewers can boost. No number of times limitation.
Maximum amount in one boost5,000 XYM
Maximum total amount in one quest50,000 XYM
Maximum number of ReQUESTs that can be created at the same time per one performer1 (Exclude quests that is performing)
Maximum number of ReQUESTsNo limit

4.2. (Requester) Pick the performer

ReQUEST is a function to propose quest performance to one of performers.

Therefore, the requester needs to pick performer who perform the quest first.

Go to performer's profile page, and click "ReQUEST" button to open the creation form.

4.3. (Requester) Create quest content, Do initial boost.

As same as normal quest creation, fill the category, title, description, tags, deadline and milestones on the creation form.

Only difference is deadline cannot be modified after once created the quest. That because creation fee is charged depending on duration between created at to deadline.

The creation fee is 1.1 XYM (Incl. tax) per day. Rounded up above 12 hours to 1 day.

ReQUEST's deadline can be set up to 60 days.

This reason is performer may need times before decide acceptance of the ReQUEST. It's notice the creation fee included this deciding term of.

ReQUEST creation form is combined with initial boost form. A same as normal boost, input amount and message, then choose strategy from Type.A, B or C.

Click "Create" finally, it will open confirmation dialog.

Click "OK" after reviewing fees and initial boost amount when no problem.

ReQUEST will be created with "pending" status, and ReQUEST invoice also be issued.

4.4. (Requester) Payment via the ReQUEST invoice

Payment is done via the invoice page that is same to normal boost.

You can use browser wallet or one-time wallet with private key input. Once sign the transaction & announce to blockchain, the payment is complete simply.

After platform detect the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, ReQUEST will be sent to performer as "pre performance" status.

Requester can edit the ReQUEST until performer begin performance. However, deadline cannot be modified as mentioned above.

4.5. (Requester and other viewers) Boost the ReQUEST

Requester and other viewers can make more boosts to the ReQUEST.

Unlike normal quests, you can boost even before performance has been begun.

Maybe you can see the full of boosts before you start the quest.

4.6. (Performer) Review ReQUEST and perform it

The ReQUEST is showed in ReQUEST inbox on performer's dashboard. And it's also displayed in the notification area.

Click the ReQUEST to review the quest content. If you wish accept the ReQUEST, click "Perform" button. If you want to reject it, just click "Cancel".

When "Cancel" is clicked, performer's initial boost and viewer's boosts will be refunded.

As same as normal quest, performer can modify quest's title, category and tags. You can also post url links and comments at any time.

4.7. (Performer) Perform the quest and complete it.

After the start performing is same to normal quest.

4.8. Cautionary note

Please note that the performer has the right to reject your ReQUEST for any reason. Performer also can abort the quest for any time any reason. Performing the quest is based on the free will of the performer.

We don't accept complaints by ReQUEST rejection, discontinuance and timeout. Those boosts will be refunded but platform fee isn't.

5. Contact us


ReQUEST for developer is accepted from below account. (Not a guarantee to perform. We'll do our best after reviewing the content)






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