(Eng) QUEST "9/12" update change list, How to use the language filter

1. Additions

  1. Added language filter to BASECAMP (Top page)、EXPLORE QUESTS, EXPLORE BOOSTS and EXPLORE USERS.

The language filter saves self state to browser's local storage when changed on BASECAMP. Other than BASECAMP doesn't save.

  1. Added ReQUEST button to user summary of EXPLORE USERS.

2. Changes

  • Nothing special.

3. Bug fix

4. How to use language filter

4.1. Language setting on basic profile

You should set up your language on SETTINGS -> Basic profile first. You may have set the language when signed up, but make sure again that your language is actually set.

4.2. Language filter settings

You can use language filter selection box on BASECAMP to change filter setting. The "All Languages" will show contents with all languages. Otherwise, "My Language" will show only contents with your language.

These filter targets are below.


  • Following - The quest's language (* Not user's language)
  • Recently quests - The quest's language
  • Recently boosts - The quest's language (* Not boost's language)


  • The quest's language


  • The quest's language

(*) Not boost's language. It'll show another languages too.


  • The user's language

4.3. Saving language filter settings

The language filter selection box on BASECAMP will save self state to browser's local storage, and restore at later access. Also, it'll be default settings of EXPLORE ???'s language filter.

However, the language filter selection box on EXPLORE ??? doesn't save it state.

4.4. The quest's language settings

You can set language when create a quest. The settings selection box is hidden normally, you should open it by clicking the "▶" icon. The selection box is already chosen with your default language which set up on basic profile.

This feature might be used when you want to use another language separate from the default.

You can change the language settings at ny time by editing the quest.

4.5. Cautionary note

Please make sure filter settings is 'All Language' when you feel some quest didn't appear.

Also, you will see Japanese contents that with language setting is "English" even use English filter.

5. Contact us


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