(Eng) Introduced novel tipping platform "QUEST" using blockchain technologies

"QUEST" is a novel tipping platform

OPENSPHERE Inc. , the software developer in Saitama city (CEO: Shinichi Hanayama) has been developed tipping platform "QUEST" targeted to streamers, which is based on Symbol blockchain. It's deployed on Testnet (The blockchain for testing) currently, but also to be deployed on the Mainnet at August 16th 2021 (Mon) to start service formally.

QUEST allows viewers to tip the streamer with "XYM" which native currency of Symbol blockchain. But not only passing money to friends or famous streamers. The name of "QUEST" means that tipping subject is friends or streamer's epic quests.

A quest indicates people's projects which aiming some achievement or stage. Not only video games, but also sports, out-door activities, software development, creative activities or DIY can be the quest. Anything is suitable, furthermore using streaming or SNS will increase affinity. It's "for streamer" but streaming isn't mandatory.

Streamers who performing a quest are called "performers" and XYM that viewer tipped to the quest are called "boosts". Viewer boosted XYM is accumulated in the quest vault, it'll be awarded to performer if the quest is accomplished.

Conversely, once a quest is failed, the XYM in the vault will be refunded to viewer who paid it.

To succeed the quest, viewers approval via voting are required.

QUEST is, so to speak, "success reward type" tipping platform.

Transact safely with Symbol blockchain

QUEST is incarnating safe remittance between viewer to performer by integrating Symbol blockchain. We are also eliminating interception by outsider or QUEST itself by creating safe and certain remittance channel between viewer to performer.

Viewer will set award condition himself.

QUEST allows settings of award condition by viewer himself.

There are three boost strategies and users can adjust security level according to the relationship and reliability of the viewer and performer.

  1. Type.A: Trust the performer (Cheapest fee)

    After end of voting, your boosts will be awarded to performer regardless of voting result (Except aborted or deadline reached)

    For viewer who 100% trust performer's reporting.

  1. Type.B: Trust the vote result (Recommended)

    After approved the quest completion via voting, your boosts will be automatically awarded to performer.

    For viewer who follow community's majority decision.

  1. Type.C: Require a final decision (More safety)

    After approved the quest completion via voting, you can decide for yourself whether you want to award or receive a refund. Your boosts will be locked until a decision is made. (There is 24 hours deadline and expiring will be refunded)

    For viewer who want awarding when only consent the result.

Platform fees

Platform fees of QUEST are below. (Including tax)

(There is transaction fee(*) depending on Symbol account link method)
Quest creation
and performing
Boost deposit1.1 XYM ~ 3.3 XYM per once (Depending on boost strategy)
+ Transaction fee (*)
Boost earnFree
Boost refundFree

(*) The transaction fee is always needed when announce any transactions. It affects waiting time and users can set amount arbitrarily.

Where to get the currency "XYM"

The free test XYM can be grab from the Faucet because of cannot use actual XYM on the Testnet.

On Mainnet (Live service will be deployed at 8/16), You can buy XYM from exchanges(*) then withdraw to your Symbol account.

Please note that "XEM" is different currency which is released by same developer.

(*) Exchanges that have listed XYM: See here

Categories and use cases

The following lists are just examples. Categories may add in the future. We are thinking "Cooking" and "Study" are most likely.


  • Done high difficulty videogame
  • Break time attack record
  • Win the match, tournament, rivals
  • Administrate community, host events


  • Win the match, tournament, rivals
  • Break the record
  • Muscle training, diet
  • Administrate community, host events


  • Win the race, grandprix, rivals
  • Break the record
  • Build and maintenance the race vehicle, cup car
  • Administrate community, host events

Outdoor activity

  • Traveling
  • Trekking, Camping
  • Touring with mobilities
  • Fishing


  • Software development
  • Hardware development
  • Electrical work
  • Review, research, description, learning

Creative activity

  • CG work
  • Movie creation
  • Track creation (Music)

No plan ?

It's acceptable just making more funny to daily streaming.

QUEST is a "Tipping SNS"

It's possible the performer be a viewer and vice versa. So the performer can boost others with boosted XYM via the quest.

QUEST has "follow" feature, the mutual follow also be possible.

Future update

QUEST is still Minimum Viable Product and update continuously. We have many plans, but introduce which has in development status.

(Please note we don't guarantee of implementation)

Requested quest "ReQUEST"

ReQUEST allows requesting quest from viewer to performer. Performer can make decision to perform ReQUEST or not.

ReQUEST requires creation fee and initial boost. It's reason of anti-spam too.


Users can create the template of quest. The template can be used by anyone who perform the quest.


Performers can join the party and perform a quest cooperatively. The party's participants will receive part of boosted XYM fairly.

Safer remittance

Users can sign the transaction via Desktop Wallet or Mobile Wallet even don't input secret key on the browser.

Future schedule

The test platform is running on Testnet now. Testnet purpose is testing functions of blockchain, so you can test features of QUEST with network currency that can obtain freely from Faucet.

We are planning launch the service on Mainnet at August 16th 2021 (Mon) if there are no problems.


Q1. Will be the data on test platform transferred to live server?

A1. The test platform data will not be transferred to live server.

Users, quests, boosts and assets on the Testnet will not be transferred to live environment because the test platform which connected with Testnet doesn't share any data with live server.

You should use the test platform for testing purpose.

If you want monetize your stream, please wait until launch on Mainnet at August 16th 2021 (Mon).

Q2. Does QUEST hold my XYM?

A2. QUEST will not hold any user's assets.

QUEST is just building of smart remittance channel between viewer to performer. Outsiders including QUEST itself cannot access user's assets.

Q3. Is my private key always safe?

A3. User's private key will not be transferred any servers. Only browser side uses private key. (=Your private key is safe)

When the "Onetime Wallet", the private key will be forgotten after signing to transaction. (=You need to input the private key every transaction)

When the "Browser Wallet", the private key will be stored into browser's local storage after encrypted by a passphrase. (=You can sign the transaction with passphrase)

Therefore, we cannot restore or reissue the lost private key because QUEST doesn't store private key on the server even temporarily.

You should back up the private key yourself with an external storage etc.

Q4. Is refunding happened immediately?

A4. Refunding is happened after expire of locking term

The locking term can't be modified after the commitment. There are only two options: time out or release(=deposit to performer).

Therefore, payer should wait assets refunding until expire of locking term even if decided refunding by quest's result.

The locking term is set quest's deadline plus 48 hours (78 hours under the type.c boost strategy)

Please check carefully the locking term when make boost.

Q5. I succeeded the quest! Can I earn XYM immediately?

A5. Your XYM will be transferred after a short while

After the quest has been accomplished and award are settled, performer will receive XYM. This will occur at least within 24 hours of the settlement.

However, depending on the boost strategy, the deposit may be delayed individually.

Q6. QUEST supports other blockchain?

A6. For the time being QUEST supports only Symbol blockchain, but we have expansion in mind in the future.

We chose the Symbol blockchain for performance and ease development, but also we have expanding multiple chain in mind in the future.

Contact with QUEST

For inquiries about QUEST, please send email below address.


  • Replace [at] with @ (at mark)

Manager:Shinichi Hanayama

  • (Eng) Introduced novel tipping platform "QUEST" using blockchain technologies