(Eng) QUEST "8/30" update change list, progress of ReQUEST development.

1. Additions

  1. Added progress editor to quest that has no milestones.
  1. Added performer's comment. Quest will show newest 20 articles.

2. Changes

Nothing special.

3. Bug fix

  1. Fixed couldn't change email address on authentication settings when time has passed after the latest sign in.
  2. Fixed didn't reflect to follow/follower list when updated quest's title, tags and progress.
  3. Fixed couldn't edit quest that pre-performance status after this update.

4. Progress of ReQUEST development

The progress report of "ReQUEST" development quest.

The design of ReQUEST is as shown in these figures below.

Important points are Creation fee is incresed depending on quest's term, and an initial boost with any amount is required.

The former means that longer periods (=larger quest) require higher cost. This includes the time it takes for the performer to make a decision. It's important to set proper deadline by the quest content. (Deadline that is too short may result in quest failures)

The initial boost affects the performer's decision. Boost can also attach a message to performer.

Currently, ReQUEST deadline can be up to 2 months to make it easier accept by performer. Also, a requester can make one ReQUEST per one performer at the same time.

ReQUEST will be released on September 6th. Stay tuned!

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